Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The longest 8 months of my life...

Season 5 of 24 was picked up today and rightly so. Whilst the ending of the 4th season was a little less satisfying than I'd hoped, it still made for great viewing and I was happy to see a bit more political intrigue to counter all of the blam-blam-boom-"PUT YOUR WEAPON DOWN" shenanigans of the previous ... umm ... 23 hours. Sherri was definitely missed. And I'm even warming to Chloe. What a team Edgar and her make.

Chloe - "Run a correlation matrix."
Edgar - "What good would that do?"
Chloe - "Just do it, Edgar!"

Tap tap tap tap.

Edgar - "I told you it wouldn't work!"
Chloe - (snort, withering glare) "That's because you didn't EXPAND THE PARAMETER!"

Now Edgar, surely everyone knows that you have to EXPAND THE PARAMETER when running a correlation matrix? Ya know, so that you can...correlate...on a wider...scale? Sigh. Such a rookie. This level of meaningless technobabble is one of the reasons I love 24 so much. "Quick, let's insert some random computing terms here to fool the dumb-ass public (naming no nationalities here) who will be impressed, whilst simultaneously not caring what was said!" Genius. They must have pulled some of the scriptwriters off the Star Trek sets. I was just gagging for Jack to scream at Chloe to power up the triilithium crystals, whilst Edgar sat shaking his head mumbling "It cannae be done, sir." For all its foibles though, 24 rocks. But I haven't been as excited about the season finale quite as much as I have for my new love - Lost. Two glorious hours of...more questions and head-scratching await on Thursday. Will the jungle version of ED209 make an appearance? What's in the hatch? Will the raft end up turning round and getting dumped back on the island? Will a host of polar bears come and eat everyone? I can't wait.

All of this covered the fact that the last episode of Revelations ended with all the excitement of an hour's worth of Big Brother. Nothing got answered. Nothing even happened of note. After all the build-up to an apocalyptical finale, what do we get? A bad guy who "could" be alive and a goat giving birth to a child. Superb. The problem with a mini-series like this is, they're so desperate to be picked up for a full season, that they deliberately leave things open ended. Sometimes it works (รก la The 4400), and sometimes it doesn't. Like Revelations. So all we now have is 6 meaningless episodes of something that could have been an interesting take on Christianity vs Satanism, but instead turned into The Omen vs The Last Castle. Such a waste.

Current reading - Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series which is getting better by the page, and Frank Skinner's autobiography which turns out to be a lot, lot better than my brother-in-law gave it credit for.

Dentist tomorrow, for my second ever filling. Technically my third, since the dentist made a balls-up on my second one the first time round, but it's the same tooth so I'm looking forward to not being able to feel my tongue again. Gah.


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