Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been out of work for two days now. I'm not sure if i was expecting some sort of revelatory sense of freedom, but after a day pulling up weeds, cleaning windows and hoovering up more spiders than should even be possible to find in a habitable dwelling, I'm wondering when the actual fun times are going to start.

We're moving out on the 3rd, a date which looms ominously close. I can't express in words the oddity of packing for a RTW trip. It's like if you are going away for a fortnight in Greece, but instead of picking two weeks' worth of your best clothes, you are picking about 5 days' worth of stuff you don't really care about, ensuring it is all lightweight, easy to wash and dry, and under no circumstances white. I haven't actually tried packing my 70L pack yet, always finding some reason to put it off. When the beast is filled though, I'm expecting to immediately want to halve the contents for fear of herniating my back. In the unlikely event that this isn't necessary, I will consider it a Good Thing and forget all about it until we get on the airport bus.

Writing this on a Kindle isn't as difficult as I imagined. I wouldn't recommend trying to write a novel, or even use the keyboard for any great length of time if you're not a fan of hand cramp, but in small doses it does the job well. how good it will be when I'm 6000 miles away and reliant on 3G connectivity remains to be seen.


V said...

Keep the posts coming. There are people out here listening and I have you bookmarked ready for your trip! good work on the spider hoovering also xxx

Rob said...

Thanks V :)
There were some massive critters which are now buried in assorted dust, hair and unwanted flat debris. Hopefully they'll be happy in a Bristol tip.