Friday, May 27, 2005

1 day, 16 hours and 56 minutes...

...and my auction ends. Not a single bid - not even a single person watching. This is a £150 phone being sold for £29.99, people! What do you want, the moon on a stick? Is it GREEEEEEN jelly? Don't forget, you can drink your weak lemon drink now, or save it for later! Whilst I'm safe in the knowledge that most of you reading this think I may not be 100% compos mentis at least Rick will understand my "Fist of Fun" references. Where would the world be without Simon Quinlank?

It is Friday, and it is a bank holiday weekend. This means two things - 1.) I'm slightly inebriated, and 2.) Gilly will be coming to visit tomorrow. Luckily, her train doesn't arrive until half eleven, so I've got a lovely lie-in to enjoy, much to her chagrin. Ah well, I have to cope with such things, thus is the burden of Rob.

I have both Lost and Alias ready to view. The question is whether I can stay awake to watch them tonight or whether I should admit defeat and try tomorrow.

I'll give Alias a shot, but first...I need to brush my teeth.


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