Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'll have a tub of salt with that, please.

Hey hey Alias fans, looks like another long wait to find out the next insane twist. Who is Vaughn? Since everyone in the damn show appears to be related, I'm going to guess he is Sydney's brother. That would be hysterical. It's one of those shows that isn't quite comedic, but is too ridiculous to take seriously. It's quite an unfortunate balance really, at least 24 plays it straight all the way through. Alias is an enjoyable spy pastiche but too many episodes appear to be making the show into the joke, rather than keeping it at an arm's length "knowing nod". It seems to be turning into a caricature of itself. The first two series were utterly gripping...but it seems to have lost it since then. Zombie water and memory implants? Floating red balls and more spy sisters than a Cold War convent? Mmmm.

Went shopping with Gilly for our forthcoming Grecian excursion. Man, it's going to be scorching. I'm going to fry. I spent a stupid amount on holiday clothes but was redeemed when a flurry of bids on my mobile phone in the dying minutes bumped the final price up to £85. Smashing. I love eBay.

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